Welcome to The Red Buses Project

Here at Red Umbrella we are passionate about helping in every way we can to eradicate homelessness, city for city across the UK.

Unfortunately homelessness is on the rise, this is a manageable problem with the right system in place.

Providing temporary shelter for a night or two is so important but does not solve the major issues a rough sleeper has. Give a rough sleeper a refuge for a couple of nights and guess what, on the third night they are back where they started.

A rough sleeper is not only completely vulnerable to the elements and violence, but also has no chance to get to charities offering clothing and food. Having no permanent address means that people are unable to claim benefits, have no chance of employment nor can they enrol to learn some valuable skills. It is a repeating cycle.

Hearts & Hands

The Red Buses Project

Converting unused buses into a shelter for homeless/rough sleepers, but with a significant difference.

We need two buses that drive into city centres at set times every evening. One bus will be kitted out with beds, food, and a place to shower.

The second bus will register people, give advice around addictions and afflictions and provide group therapy when possible. It will also put relevant steps into motion to get that individual into housing, training and eventually employment.

We are at the beginning of this and we need as much help as possible, we want to supply a future not just a bed...

Comfortable Sleeps

How the Red Buses Project works.

Our buses will be modern, clean, hygienic and safe, a place that someone will want to go to and have pride in being part of the project.

The Buses

Image: An example of a bus turned homeless shelter.

Bus 1: Simply sleeping and keeping warm, the first bus will provide beds for both rough sleepers and their pets and will have facilities to clean.

Bus 2: Will have communal seating and eating, access to health checks, clothing and food, enrolment and advice how to take the next steps.

Big Thanks to all the business students at Nottingham Trent university that took their time to come up with fantastic ideas to help the homeless of Nottingham and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have always been so encouraged to see any projects to help doorway sleepers and there are many fantastic projects out there, and amazing people running them. The Red buses project is different as it aims to not offer a bed for the night but a sustainable system whereby a doorway sleeper that enters the project will be able to stay until they are accepted and integrated into local longterm projects, the Red Buses Project will act as a screening/interview process for the participants, no one who commits to the project and abides by the rules will have to return to doorway sleeping.

Red Buses Project will be funded by a mixture of Government funding, local charities, corporate sponsorship, corporate donations, public donations.

No, it is intended after a successful pilot program in Nottingham to role the Red Buses out across all UK major cities.

Here are some examples of organisations websites where people can potentially apply for longer term help: